Offerings~ BodyWork ONLY. NO FS


Screening Required

I like to believe everyone is good, and so far that has been my experience. During my time as a sensual body healer I have met the most amazing, kind, bright and honest people. This is partly because I screen whom ever I invite into my studio and partly because of the type of person who seeks this type of offering. You will need to do some light screening before we meet. With that being said please be rest assured you are safe in my studio. 

Choose from one of my options:

*Your Private Deights verified reviews. please send me a screening request from there then text me to let me know it was sent


* Text or email me your Linkedin link


*send me a discreet note from your work email address. I will not respond to it, so in additon please send an email or text from an address I can respond to letting me know you sent it 


*prepay for your session before we meet via Cash App. Must be paid 3 days in advance to be sure payment clears

*******At this time I am NOT reaching out to providers for screening. However, after we meet if you'd like to use me as a reference please Cash App me $20 for the time spent reaching out to the provider on your behalf . If I hear from a provider without hearing from you first for your protection I will reply that I don't know you. 

Please utilize Private Delights, it's a free  great resource that makes not having an assistant possible for me. If you don't have a presence on there. I will vouch for you after we meet. Your discretion is my profession. xoxo


My phone & email can be found on Private Delights